Tafileh Tech Employees suspend strike , Mutah workers continue their protest over pay raise

AMMONNEWS – Employees, and workers at Al Tafileh Technical University (TTU) in southern Jordan on Monday suspended their strike until the end of February to give the Ministry of Higher Education and research a chance to meet their demands.

TTU President Yacoub Masa’feh agreed initially to meet the demands of the workers who went on strike in protest of their difficult living conditions and low salaries.

Masa’feh, who supported the workers’ demands, said the higher education and finance ministries are the ones with the jurisdiction to decide on the issue.

The employees staged a sit-in inside the university in front of the President’s office.

They called for the same rights as their colleagues in other universities, and demand tenure for day laborers, and to apply the university Unified system.

Meanwhile dozens of Mutah University employees continued their strike on Monday, calling for better wages.

They said that the pay raise endorsed recently by the Ministry of Higher Education for teaching staff at universities was eight times higher than the salary increase granted to non-teaching staff.

The employees will continue their strike until the university administration agrees to meet their demands, they told Ammon News.

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