Sacked Workers Strike After Merger


Over 1,000 employees of Wuxi Little Swan Co. in Jiangsu are on strike over layoffs, pay cuts and cancellations of their annual bonus.

A striker named Wang Yi told The Epoch Times that 40 percent of the workers were laid off even though the company is doing well, so they considered the layoffs to be unwarranted.

After one year of hard work, employees were denied their yearly bonus and had their pay cut. On Jan. 4 and 5 they unfurled a banner outside the company to protest the layoffs.

Since the Chinese New Year is approaching, the workers had been looking forward to the annual bonus to help with travel expenses. Annoyed by the cancellation, the laid-off workers gathered to ask the company for their bonus and restoration of their employment.

When the company was contacted a lady in the office said that she, “has not heard about any of this.” Then she asked the factory manager for more details. The manager said, “Nothing like that happened.”

Wuxi Little Swan reportedly merged with Guangdong-based Midea, one of the top five white goods manufacturers in the world. Little Swan is being supervised by its parent company Midea. Meanwhile, negotiations between the factory manager and the employees failed to resolve the grievances.

Wuxi Little Swan Co. produces washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, refrigerators, clothes dryers and industrial washers and dryers under the “Little Swan” brand name. The company says it is the third largest washing machine manufacturer in the world.

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