Shipbuilders Protest Unpaid Wages in Southern China

Hundreds of workers at Crown Ocean Shipbuilding in China’s Fuzhou City, in Fujian Province, blocked traffic for several hours on Monday. They say the company has not paid them for three months.

[Mr. Wang, Fuzhou Resident]:
“The wages were not paid for a long time. Most of the workers went on strike, it’s already happened several times.”

Authorities dispatched military police to contain the protest. Netizens say minor scuffles broke out.

Crown Ocean Shipbuilding is the largest shipbuilder in coastal Fujian Province. The company’s Vice Board Chairman, Lin Changjie, told NTD on Wednesday that they did owe some pay to workers, just not for three months.

[Lin Changjie, Vice Board Chairman, Crown Ocean Shipbuilding]:
“It’s not three months at all, we do owe some workers about a month of wages. We’ve paid them all today.”

According to Lin, those wages may be the last for some of the workers.

[Lin Changjie, Vice Board Chairman, Crown Ocean Shipbuilding]:
“I told all the teams involved in the protest to not come in to work today. I told them to leave the company once they get their pay.”

The Fuzhou protest is the latest in several labor disputes in China over the past month. Many of the country’s manufacturers are cutting back its workforce or delaying payments because of slowing global demand.

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