Maoists boycott election, clamp restrictions

IMPHAL December 4: The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur in a press statement has clamped impositions that the Thabal Chongba festivities which are being held in different parts of the valley areas in conjunction with the upcoming elections should be ceased with immediate effect.

Publicity and propaganda secretary of the outfit, Nonglen Meitei has stated that untimely organizing of such festivals are not in the interest of the state and has a political motive which reflects negatively overall.

Further, the directive of the organization to cease all festivities during the election timing will also include the Thabal Chongba and those who are providing sound and light service and band service should desist immediately, those who are hiring out sound services should also refrain from hiring out to the election related programs, it said.

The Maoist also tendered their appeal that no one should work against the directives laid down.

It has been observed that different camps are opened by the candidates for the upcoming elections and the outfit has been rallying to stop such endeavors, if such practice cannot be refrained then the outfit has no other means but to fully pit in its strength to counter it, it stated.

It is known that the election process holds no good and only pits different communities and locals against each other. Those who are elected today will try to subjugate the electorate in the future. Those who are contending for the elections are well known, they are none other than those who have become wealthy by unfair means and after getting plump contract works or after siphoning money from NGO funds and who are eager to become more powerful. The public should teach a lesson to such individuals instead of supporting them and further also, boycott the upcoming elections, it concluded.

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