Kurdish anger over Turkish airstrike turns to violence

A local government official in Turkey was attacked by an angry mob as he visited a village close to where 35 Kurdish civilians were accidentally killed by a Turkish airstrike.

The victims were mistaken for PKK militants but turned out to have been cigarette smugglers.

The official was set on by an outraged crowd in the village of Gulyazi. The mob chanted anti-government slogans and called the Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan a murderer.

The airstrike has infuriated the Kurdish minority in Turkey and sparked protests throughout the country despite government promises of a full investigation with no cover-ups.

There have been violent clashes in the southeastern province of Hakkari where protesters threw stones and petrol bombs at police, setting vehicles and security cameras on fire.

The disturbances come at a time when the Turkish government is trying to engage Kurds in new talks to address their grievances.

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