Maoists strike terror to protest against mining

VISAKHAPATNAM: Tension gripped agency areas in the district on Sunday as Maoists struck terror in the residential colonies of the forest employees in protest against proposed bauxite-mining in Chintapalle and GK Veedhi mandals.

Suspected Maoists of the Galikonda and Korukonda area committees attacked the staff quarters of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Development Corporation (APFDC) at Charapalle in Chintapalle mandal on Sunday. Wielding iron roads, around 30 to 40 Maoists entered the compound and damaged the asbestos sheetedroofs of the buildings.

The Maoists and militia members also chopped trees and placed them across the ghat road between Kothapalem and Jerrela in GK Veedhi mandal, disrupting vehicular traffic.

The extremists also disrupted the shandy (weekly market) at Jerrela where tribals buy essential commodities for their daily needs.

They destroyed countrymade liquor (arrack) and black jaggery, and warned people against producing or selling arrack in Chintapalle and GK Veedhi mandals.

The Maoists are reportedly angry with the Union government being bent on allowing bauxite mining in the Jerrela block in GK Veedhi mandal, and have been circulating pamphlets and posters against mining in forest and Agency areas.

At a meeting held recently in connection with 11th PLGA annual weekly celebrations, they warned the Union and state governments against going ahead with bauxite mining.

They have stepped up their activities as they are desperate to forestall mining as they fear that they may lose their hold on the area if mining goes on and development takes place, officials say.

Just two days ago, on Friday night, Galikonda dalam members killed a youth, Hari Babu, in Koyyur mandal, branding him as a police informer.

Prior to killing him, they held a ‘praja court’ and declared him a traitor of the people. Haribabu’s killing was the third in the year.

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