Strike at Greek Steelworks in 54th day

Workers at the Greek Steelworks private company have been on strike for 54 consecutive days in one of the lengthiest job walkouts in the history of the country’s trade unions, Press TV reports.

The 379 workers staged the industrial action after the company in Athens ousted 50 workers, apparently without providing any justifiable reasons, besides cutting the 8-hour-long shifts to 5-hour-long ones and the wages by 40 percent, our correspondent reported on Friday.

Greece’s financial crisis has not only decimated the state and public sectors, it has now run deep in the country’s private sector too.

The strikers are, meanwhile, struggling with the severe cold weather of the industrial estate in outer Athens as well as the pressure imposed on them by the company.

School students visit to bring them food, while union representatives from across the country come to see them and support their reaction.

Greek Steelworks was established in 1935 and has always been a private company.


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