Maoist expresses concern on rising corruptions

The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has expressed serious concern on the rising corruption in the society which has become a major threat to the sustainability of the society.

Expressing its concern, Maoist in a statement stated that corrupion has reached its highest level with teachers to politicians looting public money and filling their pockets.

Many teachers who ought to teach good behaviour and education to the future generation in alliance with AIs are selling off the rice meant for mid day meals and other schemes for the students.

At the sametime, they are also demanding thousands of rupees for the appointment of cook for the mid day meal scheme in their respective schools, it stated.

On the other hand, public are selling their votes for a mere Rs 500 or 1000 to the corrupt politicians who loot their money freely.

They are exchanging their rights with a meagre amount to the politicians for the whole five years term.

Meanwhile, the politicians are looting public money freely and collecting election money for the next elections.

It is very shameful that politicians are selling off the kerosene quota of the MLAs meant for his people.

They are collecting Rs 30,000 a month by selling off the kerosene quota and Rs 18 lakh by the end of a term, it added.

Expressing the need to check such activities and build up a revolution which will expand its operations right from the grassroot level, Maoist will check such corrupt activities and try its level best to correct them, the statement added.

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