Prostitutes march in Hong Kong to protest police tactics

Hong Kong – Dozens of prostitutes protested in Hong Kong Sunday against alleged mistreatment by police.

They marched to police headquarters holding placards claiming that many women had been verbally and physically abused by officers during raids.

They also called for an end to the practice of police officers receiving sexual services from prostitutes in raids on the city’s brothels and massage parlours.

Officers in Hong Kong are allowed to pay for limited sexual services from prostitutes during undercover operations, with the permission of senior officers.

Prostitutes claim that some officers make repeated visits and pay for sexual services up to eight or nine times before making any arrests.

Prostitution is not illegal in Hong Kong but sex workers can be arrested for a variety of offences including offering massages without a licence or working on a visitor visa.

Many prostitutes working in Hong Kong are from mainland China.

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