Maoist reiterates its statement

Imphal, December 16 2011: Refuting charges of demanding money from fund provided under NRHM, the Maoist Communist Party (MCP), Manipur in a press statement has asserted that it contractor Longjam Sunil who has been trying to siphon off the project money in the name of Maoist.

In his attempt to loot the money, some CDO personnel and officials of NRHM are helping him, it countered.

MCP alleged that Sunil cheated the officials of NRHM by telling them that he went to meet some cadres of Maoist in Langol after the cadres called him there.

He also cooked up he story of Maoist demanding 2 percent of the total project amount.

After the fake story came to the knowledge of Maoist, some cadres were assigned to investigate into the matter and found out Sunil was making up the whole story to loot the public money.

The investigating team called Sunil on his mobile number 94329110 and asked him to apologise for mischief.

But instead of responding to the instruction of Maoist, Sunil keeps his mobile number switched off from the following.

He also avoided six cadres of Maoist who went to his house the next day, it stated.

It further stated that Maoist know every move of Longjam Sunil and the daily happenings inside the office of NRHM.

It also stated that Sunil held a meeting along with some of his friends and officials of NRHM prior to holding the press meet at Manipur Press Club, where he pleaded himself innocent over the matter.

While reacting to the clarification of Sunil appeared in local dailies, the statement warned Sunil to accept his misdeed and save himself from unwanted incidents.

It also appealed to MDS Chief Engineer Yambem Ningthem not to work or discuss any matter with Sunil unless and until Maoist publicly forgive him.

If Ningthem continues to keep company with Sunil, he will also be branded as a reactionary, the statement added.

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