Percussion grenades used to disperse WA protesters

(AP)  SEATTLE — Police who used “flash-bang” percussion grenades to disperse protesters who blocked an entrance to a Port of Seattle facility Monday say 11 demonstrators have been arrested.

The demonstration was part of a national effort to disrupt West Coast port traffic.

Officers moved in Monday evening after Occupy Seattle protesters tried to set up a makeshift barrier near the entrances to Terminal 5 and Terminal 18, using scraps of wood, aluminum debris and any other material they could scrape together.

Demonstrators blocked traffic, hurling flares, bags of paint, bricks, rebar and other debris at officers and police horses, Detective Jeff Kappel said. One officer was treated by medics after a bag of paint hit his face.

Those arrested were accused of violations including failure to disperse and assaulting an officer, he said.

Earlier, about 100 Occupy protesters stopped traffic at a terminal for about 20 minutes.

After the grenades went off, the protesters scattered, with many wiping their faces and retreating from the area.

The Seattle group had marched several miles from a downtown shopping area. The activity snarled nearby traffic during the Monday evening commute and caused several bus routes to be rerouted or delayed.

Charla Skaggs, Port of Seattle spokeswoman, told The Associated Press the truck gates to both terminals closed on their normal schedules Monday afternoon.

Earlier Monday, longshoremen at the Longview port went home for the day, essentially shutting down the terminal after an Occupy Wall Street demonstration. Several dozen protesters in Bellingham blocked railroad tracks for much of the day.

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