KESC workers vow to continue protest

KARACHI: KESC Workers Yakjehti (unity) Committee (KWYC) on Monday vowed to broaden the scope of protest against the management of Karachi Electricity Supply Company (KESC) saying that the prevailing circumstances suggested that lodging protest demonstration outside the Governor House had become a need of the hour.

Hundreds of KESC workers under the banner of KWYC converged at the Karachi Press Club and chanted slogans against the KESC management and its chief Tabish Gauhar for allegedly terminating employees without any reason and forcing them to opt voluntary separation scheme.

Habibuddin Junaidi of KWYC said continuing struggle of workers had now proved their determination and courage for reclaiming their confiscated rights.

He said despite having protested for more than nine months, the confidence of workers was being strengthened with every passing day.

He strongly demanded of the government to renationalise KESC with immediate effect and withdraw all fake cases lodged against labour union officials. He said series of protests would continue until workers are given all their due rights.

KESC CBA Union Chairman Akhlaq Khan said the management had tried every step to maltreat workers and isolate them but all in vain. He said around 250 employees had forcefully been sacked by the management.

He said workers would not bow down before the autocratic attitude of the management and even ready to be hanged in struggle for our rights.

He said KESC had not implemented the agreement signed on July 26, thus compelling workers to take to streets again. He said all such circumstances forcing workers to lodge the protest outside the Governor House. ppi\12\1


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