Nupi Lal sowed the seeds of a new political revolution in Manipur: MCP

Imphal, December 10 2011: Acknowledging that the Nupi Lal, which was fought entirely by the women folks of Manipur on December 12, 1939 against the King for exporting rice outside the state thereby creating a manmade famine in the state, as sowing the seeds of a new political revolution in the state, the Maoist Communist Party, Manipur has further appealed to all to take the path and continue to fight against the Indian “colonial rule” .

The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur in a press statement released by its Secretary Publicity and Propaganda, Nonglen Meitei said that December 12 is observed as Nupi Lal every year recalling the courage and the spirit shown by the Manipuri women folks who were agitating against the Imperialistic policy of the King.

Later Hijam Irawat joined the agitation and the issue became a state issue.

The king arrested Hijam Irawat and put him into prison on January 9, 1940.Later on a Communist form of movement began to take roots in the state and gradually a new political revolution came into existence.

The pres release further said that, even today many of our courageous women are out in the forefront fighting against injustice meted out to its people.

Although the 2nd Nupi Lal has come to an end, the women of the state are still into the 3rd Nupi Lal, fighting against the security forces, under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958, and it is certain that they will be victorious in the end.

Many of the people of the state has been suffering a lot under the Armed Forces Special Powers Act, 1958, which gives special power to the security forces.

The press release further pays tribute to the courageous women of Manipur then and now on the occasion of the 2nd Nupi Lal commemoration day.

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