Zimbabwe: Police Beat Up Commuters and Vendors in Bulawayo

Kombi drivers, commuters and vendors at the Basch street terminus in Bulawayo had to flee for dear life on Monday night, after anti-riot police went on a rampage beating up people indiscriminately.

The unprovoked attacks, on the eve of the ZANU PF conference that started in the city on Tuesday, took place between 5 and 6pm when the terminus, popularly known as Egodini, was it its busiest.

Our Bulawayo correspondent, Lionel Saungweme, told us the area around Egodini resembled a ghost town, as it was deserted following the brutal rampage by the police.

‘It was as if a curfew had been imposed in Bulawayo because the streets around the Egodini terminus, which is opposite Ross camp police station, were virtually empty.

The attacks were also unprovoked so people are just speculating that the security services are intimidating people not to do anything while Robert Mugabe is in the city for the conference,’ Saungweme said.

As late as 11pm, soldiers had joined up with the police to patrol the streets of Bulawayo. The situation was however calm on Tuesday but there were dozens of ZANU PF vehicles roaming around the city.

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