Clashes outside Greek parliament ahead of budget vote


Protesters clashed with police outside Greece’s parliament Tuesday as lawmakers were to approve a tough 2012 budget to seal unpopular austerity measures demanded by EU partners in return for fresh aid.

The violence broke out as thousands of pupils, students and leftist supporters staged separate demonstrations in memory of a schoolboy whose fatal shooting by police had sparked nationwide riots three years ago.

Protesters wearing gas masks and goggles threw firebombs and marble shards broken off from nearby buildings at police, who responded with tear gas and stun grenades to push them back, AFP reporters said.

Nearly 20 people including over a dozen officers were injured during an earlier bout of midday clashes and police said they had made 11 arrests.

Police held another 10 people in Thessaloniki after smaller-scale incidents.

Gatherings were also held in Volos and other Greek cities.

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