250 workers protest at Shatti al Qurm

More than 250 blue collar workers gathered at the grounds between Bareeq al Shatti and Sarooj Petrol Station on Tuesday alleging that they had not been paid for the last three months.

The workers of Amjaad Modern Projects also alleged unhygienic food and harassment. “Earlier, we did not even think of protesting, but were forced to as the management refused to pay our salaries,” said a worker who wished to remain anonymous.

The protesters started gathering at the area early in the morning and continued their peaceful sit-in till afternoon. They only dispersed after the management assured them that their demands would be met.

Aftab (name changed) said, “The management is not paying our salaries on time even though we get only RO40-50 a month. Even the food we are served at the camp is not healthy.”

When Muscat Daily tried to approach the management of the company present at the site, they were prevented by men in civil dress who claimed to be security officials and asked that the matter not be reported.

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