Tunisia: General Strike in Higher Education Institutions

The Tunisian General Federation of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced the commencement of a general strike today, December 1st, in all higher education institutions.

The strike is being conducted in response to the ongoing events at the University of Manouba, where student groups, the Union has called “Salafist” have brought exam week at the University to a total halt.

In the strike statement, the federation announced that the organization of the strike was under the recommendations of the UGTT (Tunisian General Labor Union).

The decision to strike was taken on Tuesday by the Federation at the Faculty of Arts building in Manouba. The federation also announced that they have organized rallies which will take place outside the headquarters of the Constituent Assembly and all universities across the regions of Tunisia on Thursday at 11:00.

The Federation’s strike statement additionally condemns the series of attacks against civil, public and academic liberties at Tunisian Universities. The statement denounces the lack of concrete responses from both the relevant local authorities and Tunisia’s interim government.

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