7 Shot in Cité Soleil in Protest against Local Government

PORT-AU-PRINCE, HAITI (defend.ht) – Seven people were injured by gunfire in Cité Soleil (northern Port-au-Prince), during a violent demonstration to obtain the departure of the head of the city council.

At the Monday protest, security guards at the town hall opened fire on the crowd who had attempted to burn down the building, after erecting barricades of burning tires, according to Radio Kiskeya.

Accompanied by police, a justice had to intervene to facilitate the evacuation of the members and staff of the local authority whose premises were padlocked.

Protesters also called on President Michel Martelly and the Minister of the Interior, Local Authorities and National Defense, Thierry Mayard Paul, to revoke the city council accused of wallowing in corruption.

While criticizing their local government for not doing anything to improve the lives of the people of the town, the protesters stoned the windshields of two city hall vehicles.


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