Three arrested for helping Kishenji aide escape

Kolkata: West Bengal CID has arrested three people for allegedly treating Maoist leader Mallojula Koteswar Rao allias Kishenji’s accomplice Suchitra Mahato and helping her escape. Bhudeb Mahato and Tarachand Tudu alias Pintu have been arrested for helping Suchitra, who was with Kishenji when he was gunned down by the security forces on Friday, escape from the encounter site.

The trio was arrested from Benasuli village, close to the Burisole forest adjacent to the encounter site in Junglemahal area of West Bengal.

Police say that Tarachand Tudu took an injured Suchitra, wife of slain Maoist leader Sasadhar Mahato, on a bicycle to Bhudeb’s chamber and following her treatment there escorted her to the neighbouring Chilki village on the same bicycle.
The trio reportedly treated Suchitra Mahato and then helped her to escape to Jharkhand.
Three arrested for helping Kishenji aide escape

Bhudeb is believed to have dressed Suchitra’s bullet wounds and administered an anti-tetanus injection.

Police suspect that Suchitra may have sneaked into neighouring Jharkhand. There is still no trace of remaining members of the Maoist squad who were present alongside the slain Kishenji.

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