Naxals have Madhya Pradesh on radar, plan training camp at Balaghat

Bhopal: In a bid to strengthen its foothold further in the naxal-infested Balagaht district, the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) is now adopting a new modus operandi. In this regard, the outfit has announced a week-long programme to commemorate its 11th foundation day that falls on December 2.

This time they have approached the people with a different slogan, “Hum Maowadi nahi, Manmohanwadi hain” (we are not naxalites but followers of Manmohan), apparently to catch the attention of the people immediately.
This slogan was found in pamphlets the outlaws had distributed among the people living in the remote villages of Lanji area. The seizure of the pamphlets, sources said, had put the district police on a high alert. According to the pamphlets, the week-long programme would end on December 9. The pamphlets have urged the villagers to refrain from becoming police informer as it would do no good to them.

The outfit has also appealed the youths to join PLGA instead of state police force as special police officers (SPOs) as they would be forced to fight against their own people, said the sources. The pamphlets also had several references against the state government and exhorted them to wage war against the state, further asking the villages to not to get lured by free distribution of quilts and other essential commodities by police.

Besides beefing up the security in all the sensitive destinations in the district, the police personnel began to screen all the entry and exit points to and fro the district as a precautionary measure, police sources added. The pamphlets were issued in the name of PLGA divisional committee, Malajkhand also appealed the people to join it rather than joining the police and supporting the state government machineries.

The estimated strength of the PLGA was reportedly nearly over 30,000 consists of three genres such main, secondary, and base forces. The main force consisted of platoons, companies and battalions. The secondary force comprised local guerrilla squads (LGS) and special guerrilla squads (SGS). Similarly, the base force was formed with people’s militia who also described as self-defence squads (SDS). The PLGA was specially trained to fight against the security forces.

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