Argentinians protest against rural evictions

Cristian Ferreira was a 23-year old peasant leader and member of Lula Vilela indigenous community in the Argentine Northern province of Santiago del Estero.

While resisting a land eviction he was shot to death by two gunmen hired by powerful soy producer Jorge Ciccioli who has been arrested for his involvement in the murder.

Ferreira´s killing has led to massive demonstrations and protests all across this country. Members of the MOCASE, the largest peasant organization in Argentina, social groups, unions and lawmakers organized a massive rally outside the National Congress to repudiate his death, promote a bill that aims to stop rural evictions and demand people´s right to food soverighty.

Protesters denounced members of the indigenous community Ferreyra belonged to have been repeatedly attacked due to their struggle to defend their ancestral lands which are under threat from deforestation, a practice that destroys indigenous forests and woodlands.

Member of the MOCASE, Adolfo Farias, also explained native and peasants communities in Argentina are being displaced from their traditional territories and forced to migrate to urban poor settlements as agribusiness corporations continue to push the expansion of commodities crops like soy.


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