Red alert in West Bengal over Maoist Leader’s killing

NEW DELHI, Nov 25 (APP): The Indian state of West Bengal was on red alert in anticipation of a violent retaliation from the Maoist cadres following the death of a senior guerrilla leader, Koteshwar Rao alias Kishanjee, ranking third in the hierarchy of Communist Party of India (CPI_Maoist).The fifty five year old leader was killed in a fierce encounter with the security forces on November 24 in Burishol forest in West Bengal’s Midnapore District.The West Bengal’s administration has placed the security apparatus at the highest level of alert to ward off violent reaction by the guerrillas to avenge the killing.

According to analysts, the maoists, with an estimated strength of 20,000 combatants and operating across a “red corridor” stretching from southern state of Andhara Pradesh to the central state of Chhattisgarh and into West Bengal have acquired the status of most serious internal threat faced by India.

The scale of the threat is evident from the fact these rebels fighting against social inequality and injustice have made inroads in India’s 630 districts, comprising a third of the country.

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