National Strike Starts in Dominican Republic

The second national strike in four months starts at six o’clock on Monday to peacefully reiterate demands not complied by the government, including current laws in the country, Fidel Santana, leader of the Alternative Social Forum told Prensa Latina.

Electricity rates have increased since the July 11 strike, following demands by the International Monetary Fund (IMF). The approved 2012 budget did not meet the allocation of four percent of GDP to education.

For the University, only 15 percent salary increase was aproved, but not the resources requested by Rector Matthew Aquino Febrillet to pay debts to food suppliers.

The strike demands a general wage increase for the public and private sectors, including the police and the military, the modification of the Hydrocarbons Law to extend the current weekly periods for fixing the domestic prices of fuels, and a mechanism to ensure more transparent pricing.

Meanwhile, police have stationed thousands of troops since yesterday afternoon and warned they will not allow any disruption of the free movement of people.

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