2 reported dead in Egypt’s Damietta strike, clashes with army

CAIRO: At least two people were reported to have been as military and strikers at a local chemical factory in the Nile Delta faced off. According to witnesses, the armed forces attempted to disperse the crowds by using live ammunition at the factory sit-in.

Although Bikyamasr.com could not confirm whether or not strikers had been killed after the military opened fire, one eyewitness near the factory said that “chaos” had ensued after the attack.

“But we were able to keep the military away and continue our action, but it is hard as there is a lot of chaos and widespread anger now that the military is using violence against our protest,” said one worker from nearby the factory.

Residents in the town in the Nile Delta region have been protesting the expansion of a chemical plant in the city that they say is doing massive damage to the environment.

According to workers, who say they will continue their protests until the government follows through on their 2008 promise to move the factory out of the town, the military had become increasing antagonstic in recent days.

According to Egypt state television, the Damietta Port was closed after demonstrators blocked employees from entering the facility.

On Friday, in the most aggressive action of the protest, demonstrators, which is a mix of local residents and factory workers, destroyed a water station under construction that was aiming to supply the chemical plant with water.

Another water station was also destroyed, cutting off the factory’s water supplies.

Tear gas has been employed in massive amounts, the local resident told Bikyamasr.com, adding that “it is hard to understand what is happening. Too much violence. I don’t understand, isn’t this what the revolution was supposed to bring us, the freedom.”

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