Peru renews state of emergency in Amazon due to guerrilla

Lima .- The Peruvian government extended for 60 days the state of emergency in the Amazonian localities of three departments by the presence of columns of Shining Path, according to a decree published Saturday in the official gazette.

The decision to renew the measure “is due to the continued displacement of remnants of the organization (Maoist) Shining Path in various sectors of the central jungle, so it requires the presence of the state through the police,” the standard AFP said.

The emergency was declared in the districts of Cholon (Marañón Province), Monzón (province Huamalíes) and in the province of Leoncio Prado, Huanuco department. Also in the province of Tocache the department of San Martin and in the province of Padre Abad, Ucayali department, “according to the decree.

“During the extension, the state of emergency involves the suspension of the rights to freedom and personal security, inviolability of domicile and freedom of assembly and transit through the territory,” he adds.

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