UNISWA students yesterday boycotted classes in protest over allowances. Police were called in to calm the situation but were ordered out of the university premises by the students

ALL hell broke loose yesterday when students from the University of Swaziland (UNISWA) stoned and threw bottles at police officers who were standing across the road just opposite the main gate of the institution.

No one knows why the police were stoned because immediately after stoning the police, the students ran for cover inside the campus as if someone was attacking them. Police were at the campus to maintain peace and order after the students boycotted classes over allowances and other fees.
Police chiefs were heard asking one another why the students attacked them, but they did not get an explanation.
Soon after this incident, four police officers from the riot squad arrived at the university. The students somehow felt intimidated and probably even not safe as they were seen marching to the main gate still singing struggle songs.
The police did not follow them though instead the students decided to mock the police officers, toyi-toying in front of them and calling them names, but they (police) remained calm.
Later on, they jumped in excitement as they saw their colleagues from the Luyengo Campus, who came in two buses.
The Luyengo Campus students were offloaded next to the road leading to Lozitha Palace. The police allowed the Kwaluseni Campus students to go and meet them.
The students then assembled next to the multipurpose hall where they were addressed by their leaders and the memorandum to be delivered to the university administration was read.
The police saw red when the students forced them out of the Kwaluseni campus.
the students yelled at the officers telling them this (campus) was not the Matsapha Police College.
Ten police officers from the riot squad had entered the university through the main gate towards the administration block when the students abandoned their meeting and forced them out of the university.
The students’ leaders had a tough time trying to control the angry colleagues, who used tree branches to arm themselves and even stoned the police.
Local government Kwaluseni Campus Chairperson Sibusiso Dlamini pleaded with the police to vacate the campus, because the students felt provoked.
At first the police were reluctant to leave the campus but 10 minutes later they left and the students went back to their meeting.
President of the Students Representative Council (SRC) Sibusiso Nhlabatsi condemned the attack on police.

…Resolve to boycott lectures

STUDENTS from the University of Swaziland (UNISWA) have resolved to boycott lectures until government give them satisfactory responses on the grievances they raised with it.
They said while not in class they would be busy engaging the ministry of labour and social security with the view to resolve the grievances.
The students raised three reasons for the boycott of lectures through a memorandum they delivered to the university administration that was received by the Dean of Students Affairs Musa Kunene.
The first one was that some students still do not have book allowances and the situation is so bad such that they find it hard to learn under such conditions.
Secondly, the students said some of them had not received their meal and personal allowances to this date.
“The students find the learning environment not conducive. First-year students still do not have their meal and personal allowances. Further, they are against the 60 percent cut of their allowances by their sponsor, the Swazi government,” reads part of the second grievance and the last one.
The resolution to boycott the classes came after a meeting that was held on Sunday evening. The meeting started just after 8pm until midnight.
In the memorandum the students asked the university to note that the students resolved to boycott lectures until they engage their sponsor and have a satisfactory responses to their grievances.
The memorandum was delivered by Students Representative Council (SRC) President Sibusiso Nhlabatsi a law student at the Kwaluseni Campus in the presence of the chairpersons from the two other campuses.

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