London Police Arrest More Than 3,000 Involved in August Riots

Nov. 7 (Bloomberg) — London police have arrested more than 3,000 people so far who were involved in riots and looting at the beginning of August, the Metropolitan Police Service said in a statement today.

“We continue to arrest and charge people every day,” Commander Steve Rodhouse, who is in charge of the investigation of the riots, said in the e-mailed statement. “There will be more arrests and convictions.”

Riots that rocked the U.K. capital started on Aug. 6 in Tottenham, north of the city, after a local man, Mark Duggan, was shot and killed by police after they stopped his car. The violence, the worst since the 1980s, spread to other cities and prompted the authorities to deploy 16,000 police around London by Aug. 9 to prevent a fourth night of rioting.

Of the 3,003 people arrested by London police in connection with the disorders, 1,931 resulted in charges or cautions, while 255 have been sent to prison, police said in the statement.

“My message to those who were involved in the disorder and criminality is that you will not get away with it,” Rodhouse said. “We have a huge team of dedicated officers working on this investigation and we will find you.”

The London police service released today 71 more pictures of people jailed in connection with the riots on its Flickr web page, according to the statement.

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