Public transportation workers protest against ban

Today a group of public transportation workers, who disagree with the recent ban on vehicles that compete with the Metropolitano bus system, temporarily blocked the Metropolitano bus lanes in the northern part of the city.

Protestors, from Callao public transport companies, tried to block access to the Metropolitano buses, and attacked municipal inspectors in the area, reported Andina.

A group of inspectors took refuge in a nearby store, while Police arrived and dispersed the protestors, who were throwing rocks.

The incident occurred near the intersection of Tupac Amaru Ave. and Carlos Izaguirre Ave.

The ordinance states that any public transportation vehicle, whose route is similar to the Metropolitano, by more than 20%, could face a 3,600 soles fine,

The municipality of Lima said the ordinance would affect about 1,800 public transport vehicles that travel on Tupac Amaru Avenue.

On Wednesday the municipality announced it would be adding 28 new Metropolitano buses to cope with the increase in demand.

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