Saharawi political prisoners in Salé (Morocco) on hunger strike to demand their release or fair trial

Salé (Morocco) November 3, 2011 (SPS) –  The Saharawi political prisoners incarcerated in the Moroccan prison of Salé (near Rabat) for their participation in the protest camp of Gdeim Izik, began Sunday an unlimited hunger strike to protest against their conditions, demand their release or a fair trial and respect for their rights in this prison.

“One of the strikers, Ahmed Daudi , who suffers pains in the left leg because of a gunshot wound of the Moroccan army in October 24th, 2010, was deprived of proper treatment and,” lamented a statement of the Collective of human rights defenders in Western Sahara (CODESA).

Since the dismantling by the Moroccan forces of the protest camp of Gdeim Izik, more than 22 Saharawi political prisoners spent more than a year in prison awaiting trial. They threatened to appear before a military court for “breach of security of the Moroccan state.”

The protest camp of Gdeim Izik near El Aaiun, Where thousands of Sahrawi had settled down to claim their rights, including self-determination, was dismantled by force November 8, 2010 by the Moroccan forces which caused dozens of Sahrawi victims, it should be recalled. (SPS)

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