Naxals gun-down villager on suspicion of being police informer

Raipur: A native of Aljam villge in Khadgaon, Rajanadgaon district, was shot dead by Naxalites on Monday night.

The victim was dragged out of his house at night and tried in a Naxal ‘court’ where he was found guilty of being a police informer. He was granted the death penalty and shot dead. Naxalites, who were reported to be around 40 in number, also asked all villagers to see the proceedings.

More than 35 people have been shot dead in last 2-3 months by Naxalites for the same reason.  Police say the act was to instill fear amongst villagers. Naxal activities have been on the rise in Rajanandgaon in recent times. In another brazen act seen recently, Naxalites entered an MLA’s residence, snatched his gunner’s weapon and escaped.

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