Hundreds of Palestinians clash with Israeli forces in West Bank

Hundreds of Palestinians clashed on Friday with the IDF and security forces in a number of locations in the West Bank.

Around 250 Palestinians demonstrated in the Beit Omar region, throwing stones at security forces. Soldiers and police responded with riot dispersal means, including stun grenades and teargas.

Similar incidents occurred in several other locations.

Around 80 Palestinians gathered next to Nabi Saleh and some threw rocks at security forces.

30 people clashed with security forces in Ni’lin and 60 Palestinians demonstrated and threw stones in Bil’in. In these locations, security forces also used riot dispersal means.

In Kedum, near the Kedumim settlement in the Nablus region, around 40 Palestinians clashed with IDF soldiers.

A violent disturbance also occurred next to Beitunia, south of Ramallah. Security forces dispersed the disturbance with riot dispersal means.

Stones were thrown at an Israeli vehicle near Lita. The vehicle was damaged but no one was hurt. Soldiers from the Kfir Brigade conducted searches in the area and arrested two suspects.

A Kfir soldier also noticed two Palestinians approaching the fence around the Beit Hagai settlement in a suspicious manner. Soldiers arrested the two and handed them over to police for investigation.

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