Colombian Peasants and Indigenous People United in Protest

About 500 Colombian farmers and indigenous on Thursday took the town of Pradera municipality in the department of Valle del Cauca, in protest against the construction of a road in their territories.

The representative to the House and of indigenous peoples Hernando Hernandez, from the opposition party Alternative Democratic Pole (PDA) confirmed the news to Prensa Latina.

Hernandez said that the construction of the road is a flagrant violation against indigenous territories and threatens the lives and property of the communities in the region.

The works are carried out by engineers of the Agustin Codazzi Battalion of the Army, which leads to conflict and confrontation that put at risk the civilian population, Hernandez explained.

Hernandez also noted that the construction of the road has not been consulted with the community in the area.

Hernandez claimed that indigenous and peasant organizations have not been heard by the Government, although they have sent several communications to the authorities, to transmit them to the case.


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