One dead in Egypt as families set fire to police station

CAIRO: One person died and scores more wounded in an attempt to free prisoners from al-Asher Men Ramadan police station and jail facility, a security source said Tuesday.

The source said families of the detained inside set parts of the station ablaze in an attempt to free their relatives and police guarding the station engaged with them, killing at least one detainee and wounding at least 38, including one police officer.

Scores were arrested outside the police station and riot police forced a security cordon surrounding the scene.

The police source said the families of the prisoners were aided by “paid thugs” who threw a number of Molotov cocktails at the station.

The fire destroyed parts of the police station and the detainees’ holding cells before it was controlled.

Ambulances rushed to the scene and transferred the injured to a nearby hospital.

This is the second time this police station was set on fire, as it was previously attacked during the security vacuum following the Egyptian uprising earlier this year.

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