Japanese watch manufactory in Shenzhen shut down

Due to the dissatisfaction with salary, social insurance and accumulated housing fund, 1178 employees of Guanxing Precise Watch Chain Factory, a manufactory of Japanese watch brand CITIZEN in Shenzhen, China, started a strike on October 17, asking the investment party to pay for their expenses according to relevant regulations. As of four o’clock yesterday afternoon, the factory was still not resumed.

This is another shutdown event of Japan-invested manufactory in China due to the employees’ dissatisfaction with their wages following the series of shutdown events in South China production base.

According to relevant report, a meeting was called by the factory to discuss the issue of transferring the workers’ piece-work system to hour work system, which irritated the employees and resulted in this strike. In fact, this is not the only reason for this shutdown. According to one of the employees, their work hours were deducted by 40 minutes everyday with the excuse of their using rest room or drinking water. Nothing will be paid for the 40 minutes. Also, the factory did not make full payment of the workers’ housing fund and social insurance.

After the strike on October 17, the workers made five claims including “paying the over-time wages deducted”. After negotiation, the factory agreed to pay for part of the expenses, but the “40 minutes wages” was still on discussion.

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