Colombians renew protest of Canadian oil company

BOGOTA Oct 24 (Reuters) – Some 4,000 Colombian workers renewed a strike against the oil installations of Canada’s Pacific Rubiales in a peaceful demonstration that so far has yet to impact the 242,000 barrels per day under production, workers and the company said.

“The field has not stopped producing. We have full and normal production,” said Federico Restrepo, vice president of corporate affairs for Pacific Rubiales.

Similar protests in September grew militant, cutting off highways and shutting down production at the Rubiales and Quifa fields. The protests forced Pacific Rubiales to declare force majeure and led to a 6.4 percent reduction of Colombia’s September crude output compared to August.

The Rubiales and Quifa fields in eastern Meta province account for about a quarter of Colombia’s output, which the government projects will reach 1 million bpd by the end of the year.

Workers called the latest strike when the company withdrew from negotiations over a salary increase and other working conditions, said Rodolfo Vecino, president of the USO labor syndicate.

“There is a peaceful protest. It is indefinite. The workers exercised their right not to work, to stop activities,” Vecino told Reuters, saying production could be affected if the dispute is not resolved soon.


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