Twelve arrests following Thursday’s rioting

Twelve people arrested during disturbances in Athens on Thursday are due to face a prosecutor today.

A peaceful protest against the government’s austerity measures turned violent when members of the Communist Party-affiliated union PAME prevented a group of rioters from reaching Parliament.

The two groups fought and rocks and firebombs were thrown at the unionists. A 53-year-old PAME member later died of a heart attack but the circumstances surrounding his death are still being investigated.

KKE leader Aleka Papariga suggested that supporters of the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) and the Popular Orthodox Rally (LAOS) were among the group that attacked PAME members.

Speaking to Skai radio on Friday, government spokesman Ilias Mosialos called on all parties to clearly denounce violence. «Our country cannot put up with these types of incidents, especially at this point in our history.”

Police said they detained almost 80 people during the unrest. Among those were 43 people detained at Acropolis metro station on suspicion that they were intending to cause a disturbance.

Rioters caused extensive damage to the area around Syntagma Square in front of Parliament during the clashes.

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