Thousands Protest Rotten Lunches at Chinese Primary School

A primary school in China’s Guizhou Province has allegedly been serving rotten food to students for lunch.

Last Thursday, some parents of students at the Dongfeng Primary School discovered a truck full of rotten food—believed to be for the students.

The cabbages and green peppers were rotten and smelly—the eggplants withered and the pork was of poor quality. Angry parents unloaded the decaying food and left them in the middle of the street.

The discovery sparked a massive street protest. Thousands gathered outside the school gate.

One parent said that her child suffers from nausea and diarrhea and couldn’t eat for a week.

“If it gets worse, it could lead to food poisoning, which would surely affect the children’s health. If it’s not stopped, it could affect the children of the future, or develop other diseases as a result, or severe food poisoning.”

It was reported the cafeteria services have been privately contracted for the past four years and the school principal has been dismissed.

Students pay about $23 each month for lunch.

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