Peru miners chain themselves to cathedral, go on hunger strike

On Tuesday a group of mineworkers from Peru’s Cerro Verde Mine chained themselves to the front of Arequipa’s Cathedral.

According to El Comercio some of the workers have resumed their hunger strike, in an attempt to have their demands heard.

The mineworkers had started their protests a week ago, but stopped after entering into talks with the company, said Carlos Zanabria, correspondent for El Comercio in Arequipa.

Last week union members said they had given up on talks with the company because the mine was not respecting the strike, but said on Tuesday they would attend the meeting, according to Reuters.

Workers want an 11 percent raise while the company has offered 3 percent.

Zenón Mujica, a representative for the union workers, said the company intended to cut some benefits, such as cleaning supplies.


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