Zambia miners at Chinese firm strike again over pay

LUSAKA, Oct 18 (Reuters) – Zambian miners at Chinese-owned NFC Africa Mining went on strike again on Tuesday after the company refused to raise their wages by nearly 100 percent as agreed last week, the National Union of Mine and Allied Workers said.

“The workers have again gone on strike. They were promised a pay rise of 2 million Zambian kwacha ($400) per month, which they have not been given,” the union president Mundia Sikufele told Reuters.

About 2,000 workers at NFC Africa Mining, majority-owned by China Nonferrous Metals Mining Corporation, first went on a strike earlier this month demanding higher wages.

Sikufele said the workers called off the strike earlier this month after the government asked the management to give them a 2 million kwacha pay rise on Oct. 10.


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