Suzhou Residents Protest Gas Emissions

Residents from the Fenghuang residential area in eastern China’s Suzhou City blocked the entrance of Kesheng Technology Company on October 14th at 9 pm. They are protesting the waste gas emissions from two industrial sites owned by Kesheng that have polluted their neighborhood.

Residents say the emissions particularly affect children and the elderly.

[Mr. Yang, Fenghuang City Resident]:
“The waste gas that was emitted really stung one’s nose, especially for children and the elderly, as soon as they smelled it, they would cough.”

The city government dispatched riot police to deal with the protest, beating protestors. Police reportedly severed one man’s finger.

Local residents have been campaigning for five years to stop the emissions. They met with the company about 20 times to no avail. Residents say the local government has also failed to act.

Mr. Yang thinks moving out of the area may be the only solution.

[Mr. Yang, Fenghuang City Resident]:
“If the city government doesn’t act, or if they just avoid the responsibility, or say they don’t have any better way to resolve it, then in the end people will have no choice but to move.”

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