Riot in Lagos over killing of bus conductor

There was riot in some parts of Iyana Ipaja area of Lagos on Saturday.

Several people were injured  as angry commercial bus drivers protested an alleged killing of a bus conductor by  a policeman at Iyana Ipaja bus stop.

A mobile police officer had allegedly stabbed a bus conductor to death  over a yet to be fully ascertained situation, a situation that sparked serious  protest and attack on policemen in the area by commercial bus drivers  around the Iyana Ipaja axis .

Heavy and sporadic shooting from policemen  also paralysed  commercial activities around Ile Epo  and Iyana  Ipaja bus stop  as passengers were stranded along the Lagos/Abeokuta express road .

There are however conflicting  reports on what led to the misunderstanding between the policeman and the slain  bus conductor with a report  claiming that the policeman had wanted to extort money from the conductor, while another has it that the slain conductor was arrested for picking the pockets of passengers around the area.

A source informed  Sunday Tribune that  the policeman was dragging the bus conductor to where his colleagues were sitting when the conductor struggled to set himself free and escape .

A hot exchange of words had reportedly ensued between the policeman and the deceased bus conductor, resulting in the policeman going for his dagger with which he stabbed the conductor to death .

The death of the conductor sparked instant and serious protest from his colleagues and commercial bus drivers, who went on rampage throwing stones at the policemen.

Some of the policemen on seeing the situation flee the scene of the incident, while the remaining few policemen went for their arms and shot sporadically into the air to scare away the protesting  drivers.

The gun shots from the policemen  compounded the whole situation as it alerted other commercial bus drivers to the scene of the incident, a situation that resulted into serious riot that  spread to Ile Epo  bus stop and other neighbouring communities.

The riot also led to  economic and social activities around Iyana  Ipaja being totally  paralysed as the angry commercial bus drivers vehemently stood against the  police team that shot for more than three hours.


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