CNSS Strike

Employees of the National Social Security Fund (CNSS) organised a sit-in in front of the company’s headquarters. The protest was generalised and affected many regions such as Ben Arous, the Kram, Hammam Sousse, and Msaken, to name but a few. Employees claim this protest follows the administration and syndicates’ refusal to satisfy their requests.

Protesters call for the syndicates’ dissolution, as well as for the fund’s legal status alignement to that of banks. They claim that, contrary to public opinion, the CNSS does not receive enough funding compared to other banking institutions or even public institutions such as the STEG (Tunisian Electricity and Gas Company), the SONEDE (National Water Distribution Company) and Tunsie Telecom.

They also demand the revision of corruption cases related to the CNSS administration, and complained about the bankruptcy of social funds in Tunisia. An inexplicable bankruptcy according to the protesters, as the fund is believed to earn large revenues (whether the CNRPS or the CNSS). Employees also expressed their discontent as to corruption and mismanagement practices, clearly responsible for the gap between revenues and profitability.

They ask for former CNSS directors and executives to be held accountable, particularly those who conspired with the former regime. ”The CNSS paid  a lot of money to finance RCD campaigns and serve the old regime’s interests… The CNSS even granted Ben Ali Junior a car,” said one protester.


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