Violent Eviction in Honduran Road

Tegucigalpa – A police operation to clear a road that leads to north Honduras left various persons injured and six detained in Comayagua on Wednesday.

The victims of the police repression were residents of rural communities of Lajas, Ojos de Agua, Mercedes, Minas de Oro, and La Libertad, in Comayagua.

The peaceful protest was aimed at calling the authorities’ attention to the current bad conditions of the roads that give access to their communities.

Lajas’ Mayor Manuel Urbina, who took part in the protest, considered the lack of access to tens of towns in the middle of the coffee harvest as unacceptable.

Urbina expressed disagreement with the decision of the road building company to suspend the La Libertad-Lajas 25-kilometer road project due to the lack of finance.

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