US labels Greek leftist group a terror organization

WASHINGTON — The United States on Thursday slapped a terror designation on Greece’s “Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei,” making it the third anarchist group on Washington’s international terror blacklist since 2009.

The elusive, far-left group “has targeted civilians and government officials, both Greek and foreign, in an attempt to spread its violent anarchist ideology,” the State Department said in a statement.

Conspiracy was linked to parcel bomb mailings in November which set much of Europe on alert. The group has claimed a number of attacks in Greece since its inception in early 2008, including fire-bombings of luxury car dealerships and banks in Athens and Thessaloniki, but have caused no deaths.

The State Department said the Greek government has “made important strides” in countering the threat posed by Conspiracy and “other terrorist organizations” based in Greece.

“Today’s designation complements the efforts of Greek authorities dealing with the threat posed by anarchists,” it added.

The terror designation allows for the freezing of all assets that the group may hold in the United States, and also prohibits US citizens from interacting with them.

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