Makerere University students decry poor living conditions

ANGRY female Makerere University students residing in Complex Hall Tuesday morning went on strike over the continuous pitiable living conditions in the hall.

The students were striking over lack of piped water, lack of constant electricity supply, poor sanitation and poor hygiene in the hall which houses only female students.

Other reasons included foul stench emanating from the toilets, overcrowded rooms, poor quality meals and a leaking roof among many.

The students also demanded the immediate resignation of the contemporary hall warden, Akullu Laurah saying she was extremely uncooperative. “We want a new warden now”.  Chanted the fuming ladies.

What began as an emergency general assembly called by the student leaders of the hall at 7:00pm at the hall’s parking yard almost turned violent when the warden refused to address the emotional students and locked-up herself in her office prompting some students to threaten to beat her up.

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