South Sudan – Education deputy minister urges students to desist from violence

The students of Rumbek Senior Secondary School have been urged to desist from violence but instead embrace dialogue in addressing issues of contention.

This call was made the Deputy Minister for General Education and Instruction Hon Rebecca Joshua Okwaci in Rumbek, Lakes State capital on Friday the 7th of October while addressing the students of the school who had striked last week while demanding action on some issues they said were affecting their studies.

Hon Okwaci who headed the investigation committee from Juba urged the students to look back at the many years of war and its consequences before resorting to violence. “We have had enough wars, whatever challenges we see now call for everybody’s active engagement to transform South Sudan to be the country we would happily call our country. Violence does not solve disputes but dialogue does”, she said.

The strike, according the Hon Okwaci, has destroyed items worth 900,000 South Sudanese Pounds. She said the items include electronic gadgets like computers, books and buildings. She said there was no death cases registered though some people were reported to have got minor injuries.

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