Nepal”s ex-Maoist guerrillas threaten to revolt

Kathmandu, Oct 9 (PTI) Nepal”s former Maoist guerrillas have threatened to revolt and wreck the landmark 2006 peace process if the government fails to conclude the critical stages of rehabilitation and integration of the former rebels with the security forces.

The former guerrillas said they were losing hope as there was no progress in the integration and rehabilitation process so far.

“We have been living as prisoners for the last five year.
We can”t live like this. So, we have started to discuss about alternatives if the task of integration and rehabilitation does not conclude,” said Tanka Timsena, the commander of Talbanda seventh battalion of the Maoist People”s Liberation Army (PLA).

The ex-combatants warned that they will revolt if the government fails to conclude the process of integrating and rehabilitating them, myrepublica online said today.

Even though the second Maoist-led alliance, which took control of the government on August 29, has promised to complete all works related to the stalled peace process, including the integration of the former rebels in the next 45 days, there has been little progress.

The country has faced political instability and deadlock since the 2008 election to the parliament, delaying the peace process and drafting of a new constitution.

One of the key sticking points in the peace plan has been the proposed integration of 19,000 former Maoist rebel fighters into the army, with military leaders and the main opposition Nepali Congress resisting the en massed integration.

The former Maoist fighters have been confined in cantonments across the country with more than 3,400 weapons following the 2006 Compressive Peace Accord.

Expressing dissatisfaction over the Maoist leadership for keeping them in the dark, the former rebels demanded an appropriate role for themselves in the rehabilitation and integration process.

Timsena asked the party leadership to be clear about their position on ex-combatants.

“We need some role,” he said, adding that “we should revolt again, if not they should conclude the task of integration and rehabilitation.”
“We have come from a war background. Even in the battlefield a way is managed for escape but we are surrounded from all sides,” said Timsena.

Naresh Mahara, another battalion commander of the PLA, accused the political parties in the country of not being interested in resolving the issue of integration and rehabilitation of ex-combatants.

Assistant Comander Hikmat Malla warned the political parties not to test their patience and consider their patience as a weakness. PTI

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