Otago prison put in lockdown after protest

The Otago Corrections Facility at Milburn was in lockdown today after a “passive protest in an enclosed yard”.

A Department of Corrections spokesman could not provide details on how long the protest lasted, but said the situation was resolved about 6pm.

He believed the protest happened after the power supply to one of the units was interrupted. The supply had since been restored.

“As part of our operational process, it’s standard procedure to lockdown in an protest situation like this.”

The lockdown involved prisoners being secured in cells and corrections staff confined to the prison grounds, he said.

The 485-bed prison accommodates up to 335 male prisoners, ranging from low-security to high-to-medium security inmates and employs 200 staff.

OCF opened in 2007 as part of the Department of Corrections’ Regional Prisons Development Project.

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