Possible Terrorist Link to Fatal Grenade Explosion In Thessaloniki

Police are investigating possible terrorist connections and accomplices of a 35-year-old Kurdish man killed in a large explosion last Tuesday in his apartment in Triandria, Thessaloniki.

A search of the apartment revealed heavy armor hidden in the kitchen such as:

-An anti-tank weapon, armed with a projectile (M80 64mm)
-An AK74 Sub-machine gun
-An AK assault rifle
-Two anti-personnel mines
-One Scorpion SMG
-One automatic rifle
-Two cases of 600 rounds of various calibers
-14 grenade detonators
-Five kilos of unknown substance
-Four assault and nine defensive grenades, without detonators
-Pieces of an exploded grenade, a grenade without a detonator and other items.

Counter-Terrorism Unit investigations are pointed in the direction of clarifying who and why were hiding their arsenal in a specially hidden cache.

According to information, the apartment was rented by two other Kurds who had been in touch with a terrorist Turkish couple, while a possible connection of the dead Kurd to Turkish trade unionist Gulaferit Unsal is yet to be confirmed.

The 32-year-old victim is suspected of belonging to the organization DHKP-C (the left-wing Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party-Front in Turkey)

Secretary of Citizen Protection Christos Papoutsis met with the heads of the National Intelligence Agency and the Counter-Terrorism Unit yesterday, since the case is classified as top national priority.

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