Mansourieh residents protest high-voltage power lines

BEIRUT: Residents in Mansourieh, in the Metn district of Mount Lebanon, took to the streets early Wednesday in protest against a plan to put in high-voltage transmission lines on their land.

Some residents awoke to the noise of a team of Electricite Du Liban (EDL) backed by security forces, which had arrived at the site at dawn Tuesday to begin work, sources told The Daily Star.

They quickly alerted other residents who teamed up to stop the action, the sources added.

The crowd encircled EDL workers and the security force – made up of members of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and the Lebanese Army – protesting that the measure would pose potential health risks if the massive power lines ran near their homes.

A few hours later, around 7:00 a.m., the Interior Ministry dispatched a special ISF Panthers unit to allow the protest to go ahead while at the same time preventing residents from assaulting EDL employees.

Some students joined the protest in an effort to exert further pressure to torpedo the plan.

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